PVA 7 Year Anniversary Contest Official Rules
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Contest Official Rules




Contest Overview

Fly, celebrate, and be entered to win! Here at Patriot Virtual Airlines (PVA), we are celebrating our 7th year and want to share our excitement with everyone! Have you tried a Group Flight? Now is the time to jump in your plane and give it a try and possibly win a prize. Since we don’t want the fun to end, we have decided to give out prizes for the next 6 months! We are awarding a 25.00 Euro ($27.28) Sim Market E-Gift voucher to one pilot at each Group Flight for the first five months. On the sixth month, one lucky pilot of the Group Flight will be awarded the Grand Prize of a payware aircraft for FSX, P3D, or X-Plane.


Contest Period

The contest will run from November 2016 - April 2017 and will be flown on the FSClound multiplayer network using the Discord Voice server for group comms. This contest is open to all pilots and staff except for Patriot Executive staff members.


Participation Rules - In order to qualify for a chance for the prize a pilot must meet or exceed the below requirements.

  • Required Software - A pilot agrees to install the FSCloud network client and the Discord Voice/Txt client for use during the monthly Group Flights.
  • Pilot Communication - Pilots must use our Discord server during the event.  Voice comms are preferred but not required.  If you are using txt comms you must be actively communicating with fellow pilots during the event.
  • Monthly Prizes -  (1) A pilot must fly at least 3 regular scheduled or chartered flights before the scheduled Group Flight that month.  (2) The pilot must attend and complete the Group Flight in full.
  • Grand Prize - A pilot must be in good standing with PVA and have flown in at least 3 of the monthly Group Flights scheduled during the contest period.

Monthly Winner Selection

Each months Group Flight prizes will be awarded based on different contests for that month.  The contests could range from a screenshot competition to a best landing rate competition or just a name picked out of a hat.  The contest will be determined by PVA Executive Staff prior to the Group Flight.  If a screenshot competition is selected for that month the winner will be chosen by PVA Executive Staff.  Screenshots will be judged based on the picture content and not the quality.  This will make it more fair for those pilots that don't have high-end gaming systems that can produce more "eye candy".  All screenshots must be unedited and show Patriot Liveries and emailed to Executive staff prior to the end of the Group Flight session. 



SimMarket 25.00 Euro ($27.28) Gift voucher

Grand Prize -  One of the below




Aerosoft Airbus Bundle Pack (FSX, FSX:SE, P3D)

Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro (FSX, FSX:SE, P3D)

IXEG 737 Classic (X-Plane)

SimMarket 100 Euro ($109.11) Gift voucher

 Prize Distribution

Patriot Staff will be purchasing these items and we ask that you allow us up to 1 week before prize delivery.  All items will require a valid email address and it is the pilot’s responsibility to make sure the email address we have on file is correct.  PVA or its staff will not be responsible for lost prizes due to a pilot not having a valid email address on file.  Some payware aircraft prizes will require us to put in support tickets to the vendor and at that point we are at their mercy.  If this seems like it will delay your prize will be in contact with you every step of the way until you have your prize.


Winner's List

November -  Cancelled due to lack no signups.

December - Taylor H. $50.00 Sim Market Gift Voucher  ($25.00 was carried over from November's group flight)

January - Taylor H. $25.00 Sim Market Gift Voucher

February - Postponed to May

March - Cancelled due to no shows.

April - John G. $25.00 Sim Market Gift Voucher

May (Monthly Prize)

May (Grand Prize)

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