Flight Crew Handbook
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Flight Crew Handbook

Version 2.0.3


Section 1 – Welcome to Patriot Virtual Airways (PVA)
1.1 About PVA


Patriot Virtual Airways was founded by Keith Buckner and Isaac McCumsey in December of 2009 with one goal in mind. To provide flight sim enthusiasts a virtual airline that is not full of strict rules.  We wanted an airline that provided a more relaxed environment for our VA pilots while still providing a sense of realism that some experienced VA pilots are wanting.  Please take a few minutes and read through this handbook to get an idea on how we operate.  We think you will like it here!


Keith Buckner and Isaac McCumsey

Patriot Virtual Airways Co-Founders

1.2 Policy Statement and Policy Changes

It is not only our hope, but it is the goal of our staff that you enjoy your involvement with PVA. Our staff is committed to you as a pilot, and we can only hope that you will be committed. All of our staff members maintain an "open door" policy and we invite you to provide us with feedback or ask any questions, either through email or by posting in our forums.

It should be noted that this document is a living document, and will consistently be updated as the airline evolves. It is the pilot's responsibility to remain up to date with the most current versions of these policies and procedures. A post in the pilot forums will be made whenever there is an update to this manual.

1.3. Airline Management Structure

The staff structure is as follows:

Board of Directors

Senior Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Management Team

KBOS Hub Manager

EGLL Hub Manager

Scheduling and Fleet Manager

Tour Manager

Section 2 – Airline Operations

2.1 Airline Divisions

PVA is separated into three (3) division covering a wide range of flight types.  Our pilots get the freedom to fly for any of our divisions under one login.

PVA  - Our parent division which covers mostly US flight schedules

PVF -   Our cargo division flying freight all over the globe.

PVC - Our charter division offering “Contract for hire” flights. This allows our pilots to fly any aircraft to any destination in our database.

2.2 Airline Hubs

PVA operates a total of two (2) hubs across the globe that cover a multitude of domestic and international locations. As growth demands, we will be expanding our hub network to offer our pilots even more choices.

KBOS – Boston, Massachusetts

EGLL – London Heathrow

2.3 Airline Fleet

PVA operates a wide variety of aircraft from turbo props to long haul aircraft.  We don't rank restrict our aircraft so you are free to fly any aircraft in our fleet even if you don't have any flight hours.

Regional Fleet

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 Turboprop

Embraer 170

Cargo Fleet

Boeing 747-400F

Boeing 777-200F

Short/Mid-Range Fleet


Airbus A318

Airbus A320

Boeing 737-300

Boeing 737-800

Long Range/Jumbo Fleet

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 777-200

Section 3 – Pilot Career Information

3.1 New Pilot Information

We welcome pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds. From the most hardened flight sim veterans to the complete beginner, there are exciting opportunities awaiting you here. The following information should be useful to you as you make the important decision to join our airline.

Our hiring requirements are as follows:

You must be at least 16 years-old and certify that you comply with all laws and regulations regarding participating in online organizations

You must use your real name.

You must own a legal copy of FS 2004, FSX, Prepar3D, or X-Plane.

You must have and maintain a valid e-mail address at all times.

You must file your first PIREP within seven (7) calendar days or the pilot account will be terminated. There is NO expceptions to this rule.  Please do not sign up if you can't meet this requirment.

Vested Pilot Requirements

You are considered a vested pilot after you have successful flew your flew flight with us. 

Remain an active participant by flying and filing at least one (1) PIREP every 30 days.

Communicate with fellow PVA pilots and staff on Discord and the forums.

Remember to follow PVA policies and procedures, as outlined herein.


3.2 Transfer Hours

PVA understands most pilots come from other virtual airlines.  We will gladly accept ALL transfer hours previously accrued by you in association with one (1) virtual airline or online network such as VATSIM or IVAO. You’ve earned them so why lose them when you switch virtual airlines? However, pilots are responsible for providing a member of PVA staff with a link to those transfer hours.  No transfer hours will be credited to a pilot’s account that have not be verified by a staff member. Please allow staff up to 48 hours to verify your hours.  Please note that even though we will transfer your hours over they will not count towards your rank at Patriot. 

3.3 Simulation and Landing Rates

PVA staffs recommend a simulation rate of 1X but that is not required. You are allowed to use a simulation rate up to 4X. Using a sim rate higher than 4X will result in your PIREP being denied. If you use a simulation rate higher than 1X you will only be credited for the actual flight time. If you are flying online on VATSIM you must get permission to use any simulation rate over 1X.

Pilots that have a landing rate in excess of -1000 ft/min will automatically have their PIREP denied.  While we don’t like to deny a PIREP, this one is an exception.  If you land (crash) your aircraft it will be denied.

3.4 Membership in other Virtual Airlines

PVA pilots are allowed to be members of as many Virtual Airlines as they want as long as they are meeting the minimum monthly flight requirements for PVA. Staff members are allowed to be members of multiple VA's but they are NOT allowed to be owners or co owners of another VA.

3.5 Leave of Absence (LOA)

If a pilot is unable to meet their monthly flight requirements due to unforeseen circumstances they will be allowed to file a leave of absence for no longer than 90 days. Any pilot that cannot return to active duty within 90 days will be removed from the roster. You cannot file for a LOA unless you have been with the airline at least 30 days. 

3.6 Minimum Flight Requirement

We realize that individuals commit time and effort to this hobby to widely varying degrees. Many pilots remain very active by consistently filing more than 10 hours a week, while others may only be able to file a couple hours every month. In light of this fact, PVA maintains a very flexible flight time requirement.

Each pilot is required to file only one (1) flight every 30 days. We have added multiple short hop flights for you to fly if you are low on time. If you know in advance that you will not be able to complete the flight time requirement, please request a leave of absence as outlined earlier in this manual.

If no PIREP has been submitted within a 45 day period your account will automatically be assigned a status of Inactive by our system. Once your account has been set to inactive status your account will be locked and you have to contact a staff member to get in unlocked.

After 90 days since you last filed a PIREP your pilot account will be deleted and any hours you have accumulated will be lost.  This does not apply if you are on an approved LOA. We like to keep a clean roster and do not keep pilot accounts of users that don't have an interest of flying with us.

3.7 Pilot Ranks



Second Officer

0 – 99.9

First Officer

100 – 249.9


250 – 499.9

Senior Captian

500 – 1249.9

Chief Pilot (Captain)

1250 +

3.8 Last Location Requirement

Pilots are not required to fly from their last location but it is recommended to increase the realism of your experience.  If you choice to do so, we have a jump seat option set up for you in the schedule center.  This will allow you to “jump seat” to another location for $.25 per NM.

3.9 Premium Miles

We have a rewards system in place to reward all pilots for the flying they have done.  You earn miles for numerous activities for flying and for doing certain things on the site.  A list of all miles that can be earn will be posted here soon. 

3.10 ACARS Reporting

All pilots are required to download our ACAR’s program, PVACARS to record their flights.  You can find the link to this in your Pilot Center. You will be required to use this for all your flights unless you have a technical issue that stops you from filing your report with PVACARS.  If this is the case, a manual PIREP will be allowed.  You can find the link to the manual system in your Pilot Center.  You must state a reason why you are filing a manual PIREP or your PIREP will be denied. 

3.11 Online Network Flights

Pilots that fly on an online network (VATSIM, IVAO, Pilot Edge, or FSCloud) will be granted bonus miles as long as they clearly mark in the comments section of the PIREP which online network they flew on. Actual miles awarded will depend on the network you fly on.

Network Miles Awarded Notes
VATSIM 1000 Online network with ATC
IVAO 1000 Online network with ATC
Pilot Edge 1500 Online network with real world ATC
FSCloud 500 Online network with no ATC



Revision History


Revision # Date Revised By Change Notes
2.0 10/5/16 PVA1001 Removed CYYZ as hub.
2.0.1 1/1/17 PVA1001 Modified online network rules.
2.0.2  2/26/17 PVA1001 Changed deletion time from 120 days to 90 days.
2.0.3 4/22/17 PVA1001 Defined awarded miles for online networks


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