Information for Ottawa Int'L. Ont.

ICAO Code:CYOW Country:Canada
Airport Name:Ottawa Int'L. Ont. Is Hub:No
Latitude:45.3225 Longitude:-75.6692
Scheduled Departures:3 Scheduled Arrivals:2
Total Past Departures:3 Total Past Arrivals:2
Pilots Based:0 Current Pilot Location:0
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Scheduled Departures from CYOW

Flight To Destination Days Dep. Time Aircraft Info
PVA1022 CYVR Vancouver M T W Th F S Su 12:30 A320 View Info
PVA1024 EGLL London Heathrow Airport M T W Th F S Su 06:00 A320 View Info
PVA1023 KORD Chicago O'Hare International Airport M T W Th F S Su 11:35 B744 View Info

Scheduled Arrivals to CYOW

Flight From Origin Days Arr. Time Aircraft Info
PVA1062 CYVR Vancouver M T W Th F S Su 5:52 A320 View Info
PVA1496 EGLL London Heathrow Airport M T W Th F S Su 20 A320 View Info

Flight To Destination Pilot Flighttime Landingrate Aircraft View
PVA1022 CYVR Vancouver David K 04.42.32 -488 ft/m A320 View Report
PVA1022 CYVR Vancouver Bob M 05.05.38 -108 ft/m A320 View Report
PVA5388 EGLL London Heathrow Airport John G 05.28.46 -253 ft/m B744 View Report

Flight From Origin Pilot Flighttime Landingrate Aircraft View
PVC124 KCAK Akron Canton Regional Airport Bob M 02.20.21 -62 ft/m GA32 View Report
PVA5387 KIAD Washington Dulles International Airport John G 01.05.22 -76 ft/m B738 View Report

Avatar Pilot ID Name Location Rank View Profile
No Pilots are based at this airport!

Avatar Pilot ID Name Location Rank On Location since View Profile
Currently there are no pilots at this airport!