Information for Umeå flygplats

ICAO Code:ESNU Country:Sweden
Airport Name:Umeå flygplats Is Hub:No
Latitude:63.7918 Longitude:20.2828
Scheduled Departures:2 Scheduled Arrivals:1
Total Past Departures:2 Total Past Arrivals:1
Pilots Based:0 Current Pilot Location:0
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Nearby Destination Airports

ICAO Airport Country GC Distance View
EFRO Rovaniemi Finland 217 NM View Airport Page
EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Finland 247 NM View Airport Page
ENBO Bodo Norway 255 NM View Airport Page
ESSA Arlanda Sweden 257 NM View Airport Page
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Scheduled Departures from ESNU

Flight To Destination Days Dep. Time Aircraft Info
PVA1589 EETN Tallinn Airport M T W Th F S Su 06:00 E170 View Info
PVA1590 ESSA Arlanda M T W Th F S Su 07:00 E170 View Info

Scheduled Arrivals to ESNU

Flight From Origin Days Arr. Time Aircraft Info
PVA1598 ESSA Arlanda M T W Th F S Su 19 E170 View Info

Flight To Destination Pilot Flighttime Landingrate Aircraft View
PVA6321 ESSA Arlanda 01.08.49 -2 ft/m CRJ9 View Report
PVA1352 EETN Tallinn Airport 00.59.48 -80 ft/m CRJ9 View Report

Flight From Origin Pilot Flighttime Landingrate Aircraft View
PVA1351 ESSA Arlanda 00.49.55 -348 ft/m CRJ9 View Report

Avatar Pilot ID Name Location Rank View Profile
No Pilots are based at this airport!

Avatar Pilot ID Name Location Rank On Location since View Profile
Currently there are no pilots at this airport!